A Psychrometric Calculator

An accurate and efficient psychrometric calculator web app is an invaluable tool for anyone in the field of air conditioning and HVAC systems.
A user-friendly and comprehensive psychrometric calculator web app that can quickly and accurately calculate a wide range of psychrometric properties based on input variables such as temperature, pressure, altitude, and humidity.

Fundamental Of The Psychrometric Chart

Psychrometry is the science dealing with the physical laws of air – water mixtures.
When designing an air conditioning system, the temperature and moisture content of the air to be conditioned, and the same properties of the air needed to produce the desired air conditioning effect, must be known. Once these properties are known, the air conditioning task can be determined. This analysis can be performed using the psychrometric chart. The psychrometric chart graphically displays several physical properties of air over a broad range of conditions. Knowing the relationship of these air properties aids the task of air conditioning system design and analysis.

Psychrometric Programming Functions

ibrary of psychrometric functions to calculate thermodynamic properties of air for Python, C, C#, Fortran, JavaScript and VBA/Excel

Interactive Psychrometric Chart

The aim of this web app is to create an interactive psychrometric chart on which you can project a range of comfort metrics as well as mapping weather data or room air conditions calculated using EnergyPlus. You can add or remove lines for a range of different metrics or highlight them individually to assist with dynamic explanations or presentations.

Psychrometric Processes

The different psychrometric processes are discussed, Sensible Cooling Sensible, Heating Cooling and Dehumidification, Sensible Heat Factor (SHF), Heating and Humidification, Cooling and Humidification, Heating and Dehumidification.

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Piping Tools (Excel Files)

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Bell & Gossett Selection Softwares

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Mcquay Softwares

McQuay (As part of Daikin Industries) is one of the largest air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration companies in the HVAC/R industry. Therefore, we decided to make some softwares that this company has introduced to the industry based on their experience and knowledge available for download.

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These clinics are comprehensive and detailed courses used to educate on the fundamentals heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC). Each clinic includes a student workbook, with corresponding quiz questions/problems.

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Technical Development Programs (TDP) are modules of technical training on HVAC theory, system design, equipment selection and application topics. They are targeted at engineers and designers who wish to develop their knowledge in this field to effectively design, specify, sell or apply HVAC equipment in commercial applications.

Carrier Hap Software

Carrier’s Hourly Analysis Program is two powerful tools in one package – versatile features for designing HVAC systems for commercial buildings AND powerful energy analysis capabilities for comparing energy consumption and operating costs of design alternatives.


Knowing the principles of Psychrometry which is the study of the properties of mixtures of air and water vapour. Atmospheric air is a mixture of many gases plus water vapour.


A comprehensive online glossary of terms and definitions related to built environment, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as refrigeration, building envelope, electrical, lighting, water and energy use, solar power, concentrating solar power (CSP), and measurement terms.