Copeland Refrigeration Manuals Download


This is a five series of publications comprising the Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. Refrigeration Manual. Although each separate part covers a specific area of refrigeration theory and practice, each successive publication presumes a basic understanding of the material presented in the previous sections.

Copeland Refrigeartion Manual
  • Part 1 — Fundamentals of Refrigeration
  • Part 2 — Refrigeration System Components
  • Part 3 — The Refrigeration Load
  • Part 4 — System Design
  • Part 5 — Installation and Service

The installation and service information is intended as a guide to good installation practice, and as an aid in analyzing system malfunctions. The section on service fundamentals is designed to serve as an introduction to various service procedures for beginning servicemen, students, salesmen, and others, needing a basic understanding of service techniques.


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