Coupled Pumps


Long-coupled pumps are pumps with a flexible coupling that connects the pump and the motor. This kind of coupling is available either as a basic coupling or as a spacer coupling. If the pump is connected to the motor by a basic coupling, it is necessary to dismount the motor when the pump needs service. Therefore, it is necessary to align the pump upon mounting.

Long-coupled pump with basic coupling

On the other hand, if the pump is fitted with a spacer coupling, it is possible to service the pump without dismounting the motor. Alignment is thus not an issue.

Long-coupled pump with spacer coupling

Close-coupled pumps can be constructed in the following two ways: Either the pump has the impeller mounted directly on the extended motor shaft or the pump has a standard motor and a rigid or a spacer coupling.

Close-coupled pump with rigid coupling

Different coupling types

Long-coupled pump with flexible coupling

Basic coupling type
Spacer coupling (option)

Close-coupled pump with rigid coupling

Basic coupling type
Spacer coupling (option)

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