Stage Pumps


Generally, single-stage pumps are used in applications, which do not require a total head of more than 150 m. Normally, single-stage pumps operate in the interval of 2-100 m. Single-stage pumps are characterized by providing a low head relative to the flow, see figure 1. The single-stage pump comes in both a vertical and a horizontal design.

Vertical multistage in-line pump with return channel casing
Horizontal single-stage
end-suction close-coupled pump
Vertical single-stage in-line close-coupled pump

Multistage pumps are used in installations where a high head is needed. Several stages are connected in series and the flow is guided from the outlet of one stage to the inlet of the next. The final head that a multistage pump can deliver is equal to the sum of pressure each of the stages can provide.

Vertical multistage in-line pump
Horizontal multistage end-suction pump

The advantage of multistage pumps is that they provide high head relative to the flow. Like the single-stage pump, the multistage pump is available in both a vertical and a horizontal version.

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