Dual Duct System

The dual duct system is another means of providing varying air temperatures to different rooms in the same building. There is no water circulation to peripheral discharge units with terminal reheaters or coolers. This simplifies the plumbing installation as heating and cooling elements for each duct are located in the plant room. However, the system is space consuming and adequate provision must be made in suspended ceilings or raised flooring to accommodate both distribution ducts. The system is most energy economic when heating and cooling elements operate individually. For some of the year this will not be practical and simultaneous delivery of cold and hot air is provided for blending at the point of discharge.

Delivery is at high velocity with hot and cold air regulated by a damper connected to a room thermostat. A control plate in the mixing unit maintains constant air volume. As with all systems of air conditioning, fire dampers are required where the ductwork passes through compartment walls and floors.