Variable Air Volume (VAV)


The VAV system has a central air-processing unit to produce air at a specified temperature and relative humidity. The conditioned air from the main unit is conveyed in ductwork to ceiling diffusers which incorporate thermostatically controlled actuators. These can change the air volume to suit each room load. In a large room, several of these VAV ceiling units may be controlled by one room thermostat. Several rooms/zones may have separate thermostats to control the air flow to each room. The inlet fan may have variable pitched impellers operated by compressed air. A pressure switch controls the pitch angle. Air distribution is usually medium to high velocity. The air temperature in each zone can be varied with the heat energy in the delivery air volume, but the system is only suitable for buildings having a fairly evenly distributed cooling load.

Note: The lighting fittings may require a fire damper Section through plenum ceiling

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