Boiler Repair And Maintenance

Boiler Basics

Boiler definition based on Ashrea Terminology is a closed, pressure vessel that uses fuel or electricity for heating water or other fluids to supply steam or hot water for heating, humidification, or other applications. The diagram below shows the condensing boiler with its procedure.

Condedensing Boiler

A. hot combustion gas

B. cooling combustion gas

C. hot water flow

D. return flow

E. flue

F. gas line

G. condensate drain

Boilers can provide good efficiency and performance for many years if maintained and tuned. Even older boilers can operate at 70% to 74% efficiency when properly operating, although this is considerably less efficient than newer models (80%-98%).

Boiler Repair and Maintenance

Boilers should be inspected on an annual basis and adjusted as needed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications in order to maintain both efficiency and safety. The following items are services that a qualified service technician should do:

  • Check the combustion chamber for cracks.
  • Test for levels of carbon monoxide in the flue.
  • Check the water pressure gauge setting and adjust as needed.
  • Test the high-limit control.
  • Lubricate circulator pumps.
  • Inspect the pressure tank and drain if necessary.
  • Bleed air from radiators and baseboard convectors.
  • Remove dirt, soot, or corrosion from the boiler.
  • Vacuum and clean the fin-tube convectors and radiators.