Lighting Rules Of Thumb (HVAC)


Offices, Commercial

  • General 1.5–3.0 Watts/ ft²
  • Private 2.0–5.0 Watts/ ft²
  • Conference, Meeting Rooms 2.0–6.0 Watts/ ft²

Banks, Court Houses, Municipal Buildings, Town Halls

2.0–5.0 Watts/ ft²

Police Stations, Fire Stations, Post Offices

2.0–3.0 Watts/ ft²

Precision Manufacturing

3.0–10.0 Watts/ ft²

Computer Rooms

1.5–5.0 Watts/ ft²


1.5–3.0 Watts/ ft²


1.5–2.5 Watts/ ft²

Cocktail Lounges, Bars, Taverns, Clubhouses, Nightclubs

1.5–2.0 Watts/ ft²

Hospital Patient Rooms, Nursing Home Patient Rooms

1.0–2.0 Watts/ ft²

Hospital General Areas

1.5–2.5 Watts/ ft²

Lighting Rules of Thumb 103

Medical/Dental Centers, Clinics, and Offices

1.5–2.5 Watts/ ft²


1.0–4.0 Watts/ ft²

Apartments (Eff., 1 Room, 2 Room)

1.0–4.0 Watts/ ft²

Motel and Hotel Public Spaces

1.0–3.0 Watts/ ft²

Motel and Hotel Guest Rooms, Dormitories

1.0–3.0 Watts/ ft²

School Classrooms

2.0–6.0 Watts/ ft²

Dining Halls, Lunch Rooms, Cafeterias, Luncheonettes

1.5–2.5 Watts/ ft²

Libraries, Museums

1.0–3.0 Watts/ ft²

Retail, Department Stores

2.0–6.0 Watts/ ft²

Drug, Shoe, Dress, Jewelry, Beauty, Barber, and Other Shops

Watts/ ft²


1.0–3.0 Watts/ ft²

Malls, Shopping Centers

1.0–2.5 Watts/ ft²


1.0–2.5 Watts/ ft²

Auditoriums, Theaters

1.0–3.0 Watts/ ft² (3)


1.0–3.0 Watts/ ft²

Bowling Alleys

1.0–2.5 Watts/ ft²

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