Variable-Geometry Supply Diffusers

Variable-geometry supply diffusers can be used to ensure adequate air movement when the supply volume is low. These contain a mechanism which varies the size of the outlet aperture in response to the volume of air delivered. For low volumes the aperture is throttled so that the air velocity leaving the diffuser is maintained at a sufficient level to ensure good air distribution.

Air movement

For air-based cooling systems to be effective, it is important that the air is distributed evenly within the occupied space. Air diffusers are used to supply air to a space as they provide control of airflow and direction. The system designer will select the most appropriate type(s) of diffuser for the space, taking into account the following points.

  • Use of space and required aesthetics of diffuser
  • Constraints imposed by layout and structure
  • Partitioning of space
  • Volume flow rate of air
  • Maximum noise levels
  • Length and type of throw required.